Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Motivating your team for all to benefit .

Motivating your team is no hard work at all .

It should not be done just because one wants results from their teammates so that they can rise through the ranks , and not care about how difficult it is for their teammates .

Here , I have arranged a few good (tested and proven) ideas on how to bond your team together .

But before we begin , you would want to read the check list I have prepared for you below .

  1. Work has never been less tedious until now . First of all , before you would like to start , watch out for those who are demotivators . They are very skilled at bringing your teamwork down without you noticing , and when you finally realised (or you realised it long ago , but waited till now then you started taking actions) it might all be too late . So watch out for this people , bring them to the corner( not to fight !) and have a good talk with them . 
  2. How much will do you have to succeed ? And how do you want to succeed ? By stepping on others backs and leaping onto another level ? (Well , that way you are going to fall very hard because when you finally can't hold on to the edge anymore , no one is going to cushion you when you fall , all of them are gone) So , plan in such a way that will not make you selfishly benefit from it all . 
  3. Show them love . No joke ! If you love your downlines and care for them like your life , you will be sure they will work together with you like there is no tomorrow . But of course , you need to pick the good ones to start with you your business  otherwise no matter how much love , they are also unmovable . 
  4. Look out for bad relationship strains . Some in the team might not like A or what he is doing , get those people out , have a good chat and settle things on the spot . Why should business partners dislike each other or bear grudges . Right ? It is definitely bad for your team and definitely bad for you . 

So now we are done with the four checks . Here are a few good tips you will definitely want to use to bond your team together , in order for you and your downlines to earn big bucks together . 

  • Outings , every month , after sales month closes , have fun and forget about work .
  • reflections , after having fun , gather together to reflect , maybe catch a motivating movie . After , reflect on what you have learnt and share it(get your team mates to reflect together) . A suggestion is that the director who is leading the crowd to come out and share about the new goals for the new month and whats up for the new month ahead . 
  • dinner/lunch , arrange a meetup every twice a week (preferred) for a short dinner and after get together to AMS . 
  • AMS session , at least once a week together at the office .  Meet up at office and doing warm calling(cold calling , warmth up your clients / prospects when you call , a technique I'll shall pretty soon) .
  • Holidays (for people who hit their target), go for a holiday trip every quarterly . Go out , have fun for a week , when you and our team return to work , all of you will definitely smile from ear to ear with all that memory . And this will automatically help improve on the relationship and bonding of the team . For those who hit their target , preferably , as because this will firstly , motivate those who did not hit the target and secondly , those who hit their target will be able to afford what the expenses , while those who did not might have a little problem . 
  • Holidays (for everyone , no matter if they hit their target or not)  to relax and have fun , and to take a break from work so that the mind will be refreshed and when they are back to work , they will be energized and ready to fight for the new sales month . (every four months , for a real short holiday as oppose to the holiday for those who hit their target) 
  • Interest Do you and your teammates have a common interest ? Lets say , Snooker or soccer ? Motivate them with that by saying "Lets hit the quota we have set for ourselves this month and we can play snooker all day long for the whole week at A Pool Centre !" Material motivations are very good source of motivation because you are able to target what they want to get in life . And what we want in life are often tagged with very expensive price tags . 

Well this are just a short list of tested and proven ways to motivate people . In terms of what they need and want . It is not hard , it just requires you to be able to think logically and know and to do what that is right and not to do what that is wrong . 

I wish you clinch that deal this evening and this is Lester signing off . 

Cheers , Lester .

Quote Of The Day

“Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.”

-Bill Cosby