Sunday, 11 September 2011

What to do after a sales/prospecting interview ends

What would you normally do after a sales interview end ?
Or after you have met your potential "business partner to be" ?

Not sure if anyone of you have this thought , but I do know people who feel this way .
And I see this as part of their journey in the sales trade .

But before we start , take 5 to 10 minutes out , get a workable pen and a A4 size paper .
Jot down the questions and write down what your reactions will be to the following situations .

  1. A client who is not interested in your products . 
  2. A client who keeps wandering off his attention to else where when you talk to them . 
  3. A client who did not buy your product . 
  4. What do you normally (NORMALLY) DO after the sales interview end . 
And also 

  1. What would you do if you are cold calling or talking to your prospects face to face and they reject you and told you that they are not interested ? 
  2. The prospect who keeps wandering their attention away from you . 
  3. A "potential prospect" who did not join you in your business . 
  4. And what would you normally do after the prospecting process , and after you each went home . 

Keep that piece of paper , yes , in a file , folder wherever it may be that is easily reached by you and will be kept safe from water , dust and dirt and from being destroyed . 
As we will be talking about it in my next blog post . 

So now , allow me to draw your attention to the topic title . 

What to do after a sales/prospecting interview ends 

What would you normally do ? Let it pass by ? Move on to your next prospect in mind ? 

This is yet , another crucial point in the sales trade , Network Marketing , that will make sure you either succeed or fail . 

What I would do . 

Follow up 

This is a very important aspect . Many people fail to do follow ups . Follow up is a service , its is such an important service that will make your clients feel , "Uh ~ I thought that I got scammed . Luckily he assured me by calling me . He's a very good salesperson and a friend ." 

Why do you need to do follow ups ? 
Follow ups are done to ensure that your clients will still want to contact you , and not feel that they are just buying from you just because they pity you . 
And that the action of answering your call and chatting with you about the product you sold them is a very vital point because it means that they are very interested in your product and would like to talk more about it . And in the future , you might just earn yourself another business partner !

(*One very important point to note)
It does not matter if your client bought your product or not , neither does it matter if your prospect joined your business or not . The most important thing in following up your client/prospect is that you would want to make them feel at home . That you are still friends even though if they did not buy or join your products or you , respectively . 
But if they do buy from you , then that's great ! Do your regular follow ups . Remember to call them up , send them an email , and follow up with them . 

What to do when you are calling them ? 

Talk about anything else but the product/business plan . Have a short chat , ask them how they are , what they are doing , and wait for them to ask you about your products/business plan . If they did buy from you/join your business , ask them how was it , how do they find it . Good ? 
Have a short and moderate chat that will end in about 10 minutes , because you would want to let them rest and ponder about how good your service is . 
But if they do not buy/join from/you , fret not . Have a light hearted chat . Ask them how was their day , and just pop up the question when they feel comfortable talking to you . "Just being curious , how  do you find my product/business plan ?" 
Remember , keep it brief and light hearted . Keep your opinions to yourself and listen to what your prospect have to say . 

Well , occasionally (normally) you will have clients or prospects that will try to talk you out of your business venture by telling you , that is hard , it is a scam , no one will buy from you etc . 
Do not be disheartened , stand firm on your ground , keep smiling and remain positive no matter what happens . Keep the conversation short to at most 10 mins , remember . 

Remember to do this with LOVE . Your clients/prospect will feel it and they love it . 

Well , this is something you would definitely want to do to ensure your clients would stand behind you and support you . 

Network Marketing is all about promoting products you believe that will benefit people around you , and that they would need . 

Just like the very famous plastic containers company , Tupperware . 

What do you think about it ? Do you think we really need to use Tupperware ? Many people's views might differ . Some would actually buy it because it is eye catching and so with a little push , they will immediately get their money ready to buy from the seller . 
And not many who buys it will say , "Hey , I got scammed ."
Because they knew they needed containers for their food , storage etc , but they would rather buy a Tupperware product because it is more eye catching and more beautiful , colourful etc . 
But , in their mind , all they are thinking about is , "I'll need this , I'll need that ." Which they do not really need . 

So promote your products in such a way that they will see the need in the product , But make sure you are selling something that will really benefit the others , otherwise you would not succeed in this trade , or get your sales up high for long . 

With this , I thank you for joining me once again in this journey of learning . 
Apply what I have said here and I wish you clinch that deal this evening . 

Cheers , Lester . 

Quote Of The Day

We think too small, like the frog at the bottom of the well. He thinks the sky is only as big as the top of the well. If he surfaced, he would have an entirely different view.
Mao Tse-Tung (Father of China)

How much do you see ? Do not judge immediately after you see , hear or felt something , because you might not have got the full story . 

Why not be like the frog , who feels that this isn't all that it is in the world , who strive to leap out of the circular view he can only see at then . 
Who keep trying and never to give up , and to rest and after to try again until his hind muscles are strong enough to help him leap through this circular view ?