Friday, 30 September 2011

Helping your downlines when you are down .

Hello guys , I am Lester .

I have not post any post in this blog for sometime because of some personal problems but I hope you enjoyed the Quote Of The Day being posted in this blog daily , without fail . :]

Ok , Today we are going to talk about helping your business partner get their business up when you are not in a favourable situation , yourself .

Getting someone to trust you , when you are not doing as great as what you have been preaching about is certainly not going to bring you anywhere .
It might be because of procrastination , or financial problems , family etc .

Do not worry as I have prepared a list of short information to help you identify your problems .

Here it goes ... 

Before you begin , I would like to ask for your unbiased attention .
Focus on what should be done , do it and settle your problems . Be A Champion !

First of all , you have to take a day out , relaxed . Maybe go to starbucks or somewhere nice and quiet with drinks and food available easily .

Then you identify your problems ,

Identify your problems in this six areas in your life , which basically fills up your life .

  • Appearance
  • Health
  • Spiritual
  • Relationship
  • Financial
  • Personality/Character *

Appearance :

Ever heard of this saying , "First impression last ." ?

Many people are not aware of their personal actions , that will cause the others to think badly of them .
For example , digging nose , spitting anyhow , littering , body odour , talking loudly , the way one walks etc are going to be bad for your image .

But of course , this is not all that contributes to your impression and how people perceive you .

The other factor is dressing . I believe I have mention about this before , dressing makes a man , fine or a fine man .

So if you are a business man , you should dress like one .

Health :

A healthy person is a wise person , or not .

Health is one of the most important aspect in a person's life .
Other things in life pales in comparison to health .

Many people do not realise the importance of having a healthy body , until they get into seriously deep trouble with their body .

And regret often becomes a very commonly felt feeling , the others always have .

Spiritual :

Spiritual life is something that makes a man ,  full . 

Yes , literally full , inside .

Ever heard a man say , they are feeling empty ? And that it feels like a void in their heart that cannot be filled up , no matter what they do about it . Career , Enjoyment , Fun , Money etc

This is when God comes in to fill up one's void .  

Relationship :

Recently , I have read a quote that goes something like this ,
"We are living in the era of building relationship with people ."

Well , its very true . Just too true .

But of course relationship does not only mean , making friends with people , meeting up with strangers and becoming acquaintances etc , NO .

Relationship also consist of family ties , relatives , neighbours , people around your environment (eg , school , work place , churches etc .)

Financial :

Everyone most probably have experienced rainy days in our lives concerning money .

A phrase well put though I do not agree with it goes like this , "Money makes the world go round ."

This type of thinking , is only for those who are seeking to fill up the void inside .
(Definitely , in my own opinion .)

Some people , leave bills lying around in the house , car , study room when they have the ability to pay them , do not seek to reducing the amount of money they own the others .
But instead , continue to contribute stress on them every month and not seek to clear it up , ends up staling the bills and causing them to turn into debts when they finally do not have the ability to clear them up .

Make sure you are not this type of people . Another name for this people is , Procrastinator .
(Spelled with a capital letter P .)

Personality / Character :

What is the difference between personality and character ?

Character is your inner self while your personality is a mask . - Author Unknown .

Its always good to set timings for self checks .

Are you still the same person you are years ago ? Upholding to your values , like Honesty and Integrity ?

And how well are you when you are with people ? Popular person and extroverted person ? Or are you now a nasty being ?

How you are inside and outside must match , in order for you to hold your head up high and sit up with your spine straight and declare yourself truely successful at something .

What you should do . 

Have a piece of paper and a workable pen .

Write down one aspect and do a quick check with the help of the information above and identify your problems and then jot them down .

After you are done , continue to the second aspect and so on and so forth .

After you have finished identifying your problems in life , you should proceed to settling the problems you have identified .

Remember ,

"When there is a hill to climb, don’t think that waiting will make it smaller." ~Author Unknown

Solving problems ~ 

Before you begin , gather your people and let them know that you are facing some difficulties in life and that you are seeking to solve this problems in life as because you see that they are going to hinder your success and your life . 
So you would like to have their fullest support as they walk together with you together to solve the problems you are facing . 

(It does not matter how many people you can gather around you , but the most important thing is to gather those people that matters .)

OK and now you may begin . 

Prioritise your problems . List them out and number them . 

Number one , being the most urgent matter that should be settled and Number - to be the least urgent matter . And now begin to solve them . 

Note : Once you have identified your problems and written them on the aspects columns , they are considered of important matters , just too important that is why you have decided to catergorise them under the individual aspects . 

And you should seek to solve all the problems listed in the list . 

Well , I thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and also I would like to congratulate you for taking the first step towards success , and that is solving your problems ! 

If you seek to solve people's problems , you should first be able to solve your own , otherwise how can you convince the others to trust in you ? Is not it ? 

Ok , that is all for now , keep your eyes peeled as I prepare my next blog post and post them in a 2 days time ! 

Cheers ! Lester

PS : If you have any questions regarding anything in life , sales , network marketing etc , you may send me a message to my email at and I will seek to help you solve your problems ! 

Cheers !