Monday, 29 August 2011

Talk in layman terms .

Today we are going to discuss about one of the common mistake any sales person has made before . Its too common , not many knew it was working against them .

One sentence , four words , five syllables and seventeen letters . 

This is a
common mistake many amateur would make , be it in any field , any trade or industry .
Some on purpose to show off what they know , some , does not even know that it is working against them .

Today , I'll show you some examples on some mistakes people make in sales . It is very common , more then you imagine .

Recently , I was at the archery range practicing and I chanced upon a man with his coach . The man , lets call him Mr. A .

Mr. A is a beginner in archery , and he found his coach through a recommendation of a friend . As that was his first time , Mr. A's coach assisted him in fixing the bow and getting his arrows into his quiver .

As Mr. A was fixing his limbs onto the risers , he began to string up his dacron bowstring with a stringer , and following , he fixed his sighter and sight in place and then proceeded with arranging his arrows and placing the in his quiver .

When Mr. A was at the shooting line , Mr. A's coach asked him to pre-draw his arrows before he comes to a full draw then anchoring his bow string in place .

As he was using someone else's arrows because he have not decided if he would like to buy a-c-e arrows or the platinium arrows , after practicing for awhile , one of the nock became loose and when Mr. A released that shot , the bow rebounded and injured Mr. A in the process .

After that incident , luckily he still stucked around as he understood that this is part and parcel of archery and he got to be more careful and to learn how to prevent that from happening .

The End . 

This is a very short story about a man who would like to pick up archery , but , that is not the point . 
The point is , how the words are being used . 

So what is layman terms ? 

Simple enough , layman term means to speak in the most simplest and most easily understood way , your clients(or whosoever you are talking to will understand) .

Common mistakes even your most experienced salesperson will make at times .  

It is common to make mistakes when you are eager and motivated to share with your clients about your company's most popular product that has just arrived two days ago by air from Australia and when you are at it , you will tend to speak in ways , the people normally does not understand . 

Instead of saying , "When Mr. A was on the shooting line , His coach instructed him to pre-draw his bow before he comes to a full draw then anchoring his bow string in place ". 

Say , 

"Mr. A is on the shooting line , and his coach instructed him to pull on his bow and hold it there and get ready to get into aiming position . 

Simple enough ? 

"Talking in simplified language is very important ! No matter what you do , speaking in a simple and easy to understand manner can help you to get to your prospects better and at a faster rate without wasting each others' time ."

Thanks , you have just wasted an hour of my life and your prospecting time . 

Lets take this as an example , a sales person knocked on my door and introduced me to his products .
He started by , introducing himself and then his company and how his company came about to this day's success .
And then he explained about the products as a whole . (Well , I think its time to change my basin , so lets listen to what he have to say) .

After that , he introduced his products to me and explained its functions and features in terms I do not understand but he sounded pretty good at it , so I shall let him continue .

After an hour , I have decided to get his products from him , and when he revealed the product model's price to me , I was shocked , it was beyond my budget . And he left as a unhappy person .
Time wasted .

The salesperson is pretty good at what he was doing ! He did well in the explanations , etc but when he revealed the price it was over my budget , he had wasted an hour's time on me and also he wasted an hour's time of mine which I can use it to do something more productive .

Right ? so what should be done ? here it is .

How to do it right .

He should have introduced himself and his company , following , what is his purpose here today and what he has to offer to his prospect .

Start by introducing the products by saying something like "Our products is of (which country , what has been put into it , what quality is it , what grade etc) quality , so you should expect it to be pricier then the others which you will see on the market .
And it is worth the price because (good features , functions and warranty etc) .

(Now , your clients will have a better understanding of what you have to offer and the price to be pricier but for a better quality etc)

Ask your prospect of their budget and mostly used functions they might need in the product , you can also add in your opinions as you look around the house and understand who is living in the house .
(Most of the time , your prospect will not have a good understanding of the market price and also the product you are selling to them cause they are new to your product .

So they might say , I am not sure or it depends . Its very common , fret not )

Time ! 

Time is vital in sales and the amount of time you spend on your prospects will determine how many prospects you can cover in a limited amount of time and how many deals you will close .

Set a timeline , 1 min for introduction , 2 mins to for introducing your company and background to your prospect , 5 to 10 mins browsing through the catalog , another 10 to 15 mins for you to ask your prospects questions related to the product you are selling and help them make their choice . and 10 mins more to explaining further of the chosen product and then last 10 mins to close the sales .

This is just a rough ideal of how much time you will require in closing the sales . Hope this helped you in getting the sales closed .

There are many more information to be shared about ways to introduce yourself and your products to your clients , making your clients interested and closing the deal etc and I will take my time to talk about each topic in this blog as I post here regularly .

Remember what I said and you shall clinch that deal tonight .

Lester .

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