Saturday, 3 September 2011

Three things you should never do in order to not let your big fish snag your fishing line .

Very often then not , the way we carry ourselves , the way we talk , the way we walk the prospects out of the office if they say I am not interested etc are wrong .

All of this adds up and that is what that will push your prospects even further away from you and your company .

Here , I have prepared a list of three things one should never do .

First up , Never beg . N-E-V-E-R. 

This is a very big mistake . Right now , you might be telling me , I never begged in my life before  much less to beg my prospects or clients .

Are you sure ?

Many a times we beg without even noticing .

Begging comes in many forms , for example .

  • Desperately pestering the prospect , or client to be your business partner or buy your products after they say that they will need to consider about it or ask their family members before making a decision .
  • Or even more extreme forms like , telling the prospects how desperate they are , following by why the prospect should join his business now and also how his their family conditions is and that their parents need money for hospital bills etc . 
Big NO NOs' . 

So what should you do ? 

What you should do is to ask questions . Seriously . 

Asking questions is a form of art . And very often I hear people saying , the type of questions you ask equates to the type of person you are . Well , pretty true ? To some extend . 

You should ask questions in such a way that will help your prospects open up themselves and also to allow you to understand why they should get your product from you by finding out the needs in their life that will require the use of your product . 

This happened to me before as well . At that time , I thought that I am pretty smart by doing this , but after meeting my upline for dinner and I told him about what I have done , I got corrected . Well , anyway it happened a very long time ago . 

Secondly , Never flare up . N-E-V-E-R.

Getting angry is a not a good way of solving problems , and in fact it does not and will not help you solve problems . 
But instead it will create even more problems by blowing small problems which was meant to be blown into nothingness , big .  

Getting angry will not only harm you (bad for your health , especially heart) and also your relationship between the person you are angry at .
And anger , alot of times will lead to quarrels and even fights  injuring not only you and the person involved emotionally but also physically .

So what should you do ? 

Instead of getting angry at your prospect who does not seem to be able to register into his or her brain , what you have been telling them , or a upline who is not understanding enough , try reasoning it out with them .

If your prospect is not able to understand what you are trying to say , It might mean that they are not the best for your business , chat about other stuff and then walk them out .

Do not waste your time on them , but never the less , never ever get angry at them , they are able to feel it .
And it will definitely reflect on you , what type of person you are no matter in terms of being a salesperson or just any guy on the street .

Always be patient , and always be genuine , SMILE :]

Third , Never overpromise . N-E-V-E-R.

You definitely have seen a lad in your life that promises a lot of things , but just do not seem to be able to fulfill many of them , in worst cases , any of it .

What is a promise . A promise is a verbal contract whereby a person makes to either , a) another person , b) himself / herself or c) a object or other living things , for example God .

Promises are often made when one is genuine in what they are doing and is trying to prove their genuineness by making promises they can fulfill .

When people are desperate , they also tend to make promises and many a time , even over promise  , so that they are able to get help from a certain person or get a certain thing from some one or some organisation etc .

Over promising can have devastating consequences in your business .

When a promise is not fulfill , the effect will last forever , etched in other peoples' mind or body or on / in a object .
And it is not good for your reputation .

For example , you are prospecting a potential prospect .

When the prospect says , they want to be part of your business and they ask of you , what other benefits they will get , you say "I promise that you will be able to earn at least 5 thousand dollars every month after 6 months of hard work . If you do not earn that amount of money by then , I will give you my Lotus car , as well as my terrace house in Singapore , where property prices are known to be soaring at very fast rates ."

This is a very fine example of a braggart , and this kind of promise should never be made , unless you are really prepared to give them your house and vehicle .

Ok , that is all for now . I thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you have leveled up again today after reading my post .

Follow closely to what I say and I wish you clinch that deal tonight .

Cheers , Lester .

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