Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Make a dreamlist .

Yes ! Make a dream list . No , I am not asking you to write down what you want to achieve while you are in your company working .
Seen your directors driving posh cars , relaxing at high class pubs every night and traveling to other countries for a holiday break every quarter .
Those stuff they do might motivate you to work hard .

Today , you will learn how to
motivate yourself and your team mates by making a dreamlist .

Firstly , Gather your people and get the materials . Go buy plastic cardboards with different colours and permanent markers .

Secondly , Jot down a list of your wants and needs . Wants as in traveling around the world , driving a Lamborghini Gallardo, own a big aquarium with your Platinum Arowana inside etc . you name it you write it down .

Needs as in financial freedom , able to enjoy residue income , able to pay for the mortage of your house and send your children overseas for further studies and most importantly , your rankings in your company , for example , you are a bronze member now , and you want to hit the target by when to become a silver member and draw a higher pay , jot it down  ! 

Thirdly , Go get a computer with a working printer and some printing paper ! This is the fun part , with your list , go to google images , or any other search engines and search for the things you have jotted down , look for a nice picture , not too small , neither is the size too big and save the picture into a folder you have created for this dreamlist making session and label it , My Dream .
Once you are done saving pictures into your folder , print them out .

Fourth , Cut , paste and label . cut out your pictures and paste on your board ! But before you do it , you need to label the cardboard spaces as the space is limited .

divide , your cardboard into 3 parts , namely . Top , Middle , Bottom .

Top part is for your Goals in life . Middle part is for your needs . And last but not least , Bottom is for your wants . Once you are done , start pasting by time line , the things you want or need that comes earlier shall be at the most left and the things that comes the latest should be at the most right .

Ok , Now start pasting ! Once you are done , write a short description under each picture and and when you are planning to get this done by .

This is a very short way of motivating your team to work towards their goals in life .
Life should not be dull . Live everyday excitingly !

Get your team mates to stand towards the front and share with the others what their dreamlist is about !

Lastly , get them to stick this on somewhere they will always walk by everyday and get them to check what their next goals are and keep them motivated everyday while seeing their goals being fulfilled !

Lester .

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