Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sales or Networking ?!

Recently , Afew of my new downlines have been asking me this question . They find that both of it , sales and networking are equally important . But ,they just cannot find a balance between the both of it .

Well , I believe many people feel like them too . It happened to me too , when i first started out . Eager , Motivated , and lost .

Well ,
I'll explain about it and then reveal a secret I do not  reveal to the others . This secret might seem like a plain jane , maybe you heard it some where or have not , but think that its too common , fret not . This is the turning point . As I reveal to you what that changed the lives of me and my friends (my uplines , downlines and sidelines) .

It might sound simple , but definitely not easy to follow through .

Sales - This is one of the most often overlooked thing in life , not just network marketing .

FACT 1 , You are selling information/products wherever you go . Indeed you are ! I'll be brief , People buy your words .

For example , " You : 2 apple pies please .Cashier : Alright ! A coffee to go too ? You No thanks , I have a bottle of coke here ! Cashier : No problem ! " 

The above shows a very simple way of how the Cashier bought your words . This is selling ! Just that it is not money that is involved in the transaction .

FACT 2 , Sales is more important then networking . Seriously ! It might sound ridiculous , but sales is the thing you will want to fall back on when the downtimes are near .

As the saying goes (my directors made it up) , "Lean on a mountain and it shall collapse , depend on your friends and they will run away . In the end , it is still best to depend on oneself ."

FACT 3 , Sales is a good way to boost your network . Getting to know people , through introductions of your long time clients or made a new friend when you went to the hyper market . Indeed , have a chat , get their phone number , ask them out and introduce them your products !

Here is a tip , "You can introduce to them your business and show them the rope by being enthusiastic about your business , make them curious about what your business really is by not revealing too much .

 Be more kin in introducing them your products BUT , stay cool . Make a appointment with them on the spot when you sense that they are getting really curious and get them down to office ." simple .

HINT- "No matter what you do , as long as it has something got to do with your business , always dress yourself smartly . unless you are going to hit the beach . Bet you know what i mean . 

Networking - Done , in the wrong way .

FACT 1 , Without sales , your strength of hundred man is nothing . Networking is often being done in the wrong way .
Some people think of hitting that darn status for at least once and get to add that title before their name and get to dress in formal suit and have a photography session with the rest of those who have hit the status you want to hit too . Looking cool , and have your face in the big photo at the lobby .

This is not wrong , do not get me wrong . I am not trying to say that this is not good . This is good ! This is motivation ! But you are doing harm not only to yourself but your whole chain of downlines in the long run .

Instead of chasing people to get more people to join you because you want them to buy your products to boost your sales for once and also for the membership fee , you should choose quality over quantity so that your business will last , and your residue income will become reality .

FACT 2 , Cool story bro (Many people heard this before) . It might be one of the few things you are going to hear(or not) from your prospects after you are done sharing with them your business plan .
Especially if your business plan is not as cheap and easy as it sounds like .

Lets take this as a example , "Our company is the one you will definitely choose over other business opportunities . We can easily earn a five thousand dollar pay check every month . and it only requires you to pay a one time off amount of two thousand dollars ! how does it sound ? 12 months x five thousand dollars = $60 000 ! This is really a deal ! It is because you are my best friend since high school that is why I let you into such a good deal . For the others , they are vying to fix a time slot with me and my director to hear of our business plan ! You have gotten yourself such a good deal !"

While this is no new story anymore in Network Marketing , many people still buy such stories . I am in no way encouraging you to do what I have mentioned here , both for your own good and your downlines' .

The best and only way to ensure that you will be in the game for long is to work on sales , teach your people how to sell . Not the products , but THEMSELVES ! Your clients/prospects always buy you before they buy your story or product . This is the fact .

Well , as I prepare my free E-book (still in the midst of writing it) about the Network Marketing , do keep your eyes peeled as I am going to reveal to you a research I have been studying on !
(Shh , I am not going to reveal what im going to write about yet ~!)

FACT 3 , L-O-V-E . You need alot alot of this . When i first started leading my team of around 10 people , it is not an easy task .

3 things I'll need to do . Teach them , show them , do with them .

To be a leader , you must love what you are doing , yourself and most importantly , your team mates . And remember to set a good culture for them to follow .

Let us take this as an example , everyday , you and your team mate spend an hour doing AMS(Appointment Making Session) together . They look forward to you guiding them as they call each of their prospect (cold calling/hot calling) . You plan TOGETHER WITH them on their plans for the day or for the week . You show them the ropes , With lots of PATIENCE .

One thing you will definitely want to do is to get them to your table one by one while their table is away from you far , so that they cannot hear what you are conversing about .
In my network , our culture is that whatever is being discussed , uplines are not suppose to expose of the meetings' minutes to their downlines or sidelines as because their plans might crash into each others and for many other stuff which I'll reveal in my free E-book to come in the of September (hopefully I can get it done by then) .

Afew hours ago , by chance as I was browsing through my booklet looking for my long lost super plan that can make any one succeed in network marketing , I found this quote in my booklet . Here it goes ,

PUMP - Motivate Each Others .
OUTING - Bond With Each Others .
WORK - AMS With Each Others .

Think about it ...

Well  in the meantime , I am going to let you into the secret I promised to reveal to you (it is no secret actually , just that many people fail at this) .

Ever prospected someone and got a very interesting reply that will leave you puzzled and speechless ? I have , and the reply is I am not interested .
Does not matter if they have been to your office before , met your director or maybe you are still on the phone when they rejected you .

This tip I am going to let you into is , to convert those who reject you with phrases like "I am not interested" into your clients ! Do not thank me now . Wait till you are able to convert them into your clients first , then you come and thank me .

Ok now , why do you want to convert them into clients ? As I have been saying , sales is more important then networking .
Even though they might reject you now , it does not matter ! It is no shame , why not take this chance to introduce to them your company's latest product ?
Do Not Talk Too Much Over The Phone .
Get them out for coffee and introduce them your products , if you do it correctly , the product introduction over a cuppa coffee might just earn you another business partner !

Alright , that is all for this entry . I hope that you people have learnt as much as I have while I am typing this chunk of information for anyone who is lucky enough to be passing by my blog or through any other links .

Read and reread , absorb what I have said and I wish you clinch that sales this evening !

Lester .

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